The Chase (2021)

My first wind quintet. Inspired by TV shows like Tom & Jerry and Scooby-Doo, it features small motives that disappear before suddenly reappearing in another voice or register. Five cadenzas, one for each instrument in the quintet, break it up and provide brief moments of reprieve.

AEGIS Combining Robots - Piano Arrangement (2020)

The Kickstarter theme for AEGIS: The Combining Robot Strategy Game theme by Mathew Solomon, arranged for solo piano. Score. Youtube.

Five Bagatelles for Flute (2020)

A set of five short movements for solo flute, originally performed by Sebastian Penso. Youtube.

LiNe! Soundtrack (2021)

Soundtrack written, recorded, and produced in under 72 hours for the game as part of Global Game Jam 2021. Find the full soundtrack here .