If you or your child is interested in music lessons, please see the information below:

Types of Lessons Offered

I believe in a well-rounded, wholistic approach to music. Lessons will focus on one or more of the following topics: piano (contemporary and/or traditional styles), music theory, and composition. However, all of these areas will likely be explored to a degree as part of a balanced study of music.

Students focusing on piano will study classical piano repertoire from the major musical eras. This music is important to the history of music and the piano and great for developing proper technique. However, I believe it is important for students to learn music they love, and I believe that engaging with the musical styles of today as just as important as learning the classics.

Before Signing Up

Music lessons are a commitment. Piano students will be expected to practice consistently at home throughout the week. An instrument (acoustic piano in good condition or electric piano with weighted keys) and a quiet, distraction-free environment in which to practice are necessary!


I'd love to help you on your musical journey! Contact me to inquire and schedule an interview!

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